Getting To X!: Your Personal Prospecting Spot

Throw some small coin in the jar,
less than the cost of a lunch
together with us,
your prospecting buddies,

you will have a new prospecting spot

BEFORE this weekend
(at most, five weekdays).

There is NO charge,
we find you a place to go!!

That's right amigo!!

If we can't get you to a new
"very likely" prospecting
spot in your neck o'the woods
there is NO charge!

Get a new X, a new metal detecting spot or where to find a gold prospecting spot near you,


Tell us what you are prospecting for,

and before next weekend

you will have a new spot to go!

Remember, if we don't find you a prospecting spot,
then you don't even owe us a plugged nickel.

Now as you place your order
you agree with us that there are things
we simply CANNOT do for you.
you completely agree,
by placing your order now, you
are accepting full responsibility for any action
or inaction you take as a result of our research.
That you will:

-GET proper landowner permission and, or
-CONFIRM the spot isn't already claimed (tutorial how),
now we can and will do this work for you, but that is a entirely different deal, so just email "JC at eGold"
-FOLLOW all your local rules & regs, AND
-PRACTICE all good treasure hunting ethics!!


Just choose how many spots you want,
and any of our extras...we do the rest!

You get a X, a new spot!

Find me a spot for...

ADD General tutorial video about researching spots.

ADD Topographic map of the area.

ADD Historic maps of the area.

ADD Custom overview video showing how we do it!

SPECIAL REQUEST: requires discussion before quoting a price.


To get started, add an item to your order.